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19 ► Turrimetta Channel ֎ Soon!
Logan and Stuart at Turimetta Beach, Sydney Australia

18 ► Tricky Turrimetta ֎
Logan and Stuart decide to video the Turimetta sunrise with a complaints sound track and design the best zoom lens sound ever. Logan falls into a hole and performs some risky rock climbing on the return. We discuss perfect cloud formations and how the channels change with the shifting sands and tides. Our photo shoots have been slowed by COVID-19 but now the situation is easing in Australia we hope to be back with more episodes. Recorded as it happened on 7 May 2020 at Turimetta Beach, Sydney Australia

17 ► Avalon Sunrise Sensation! ֎ Instagram
The website predictions for a good sky were promising and did not disappoint. The Avalon morning light put on a great show

16 ► Narra to Turri at Sunrise ֎ Instagram
A sunrise photo shoot to capture the ocean flow and a new Instagram profile image for Logan

15 ► There's a Car Driving in the Pool! ֎ Instagram
Stuart and Logan were surprised to see a car in the rock pool during an early morning sunrise shoot at a local Sydney beach

14 Water Dragons at Upper Gledhill Falls ֎ Instagram
A couple of curious Water Dragons joined us for this photo shoot at Upper Gledhill Falls, now flowing into Pittwater after months of little rain in Sydney.

13 ► Blue Mountains Deluge ֎ Image below
Sydney has been hit with the heaviest rain in 30 years causing flooding, extinguishing bush fires and the creeks are overflowing. We decided to go to the Blue Mountains for the weekend and photograph the magnificent waterfalls. This short podcast was recorded before conditions became too difficult.

12 Frenchs Creek Waterfall Adventure ֎ Image below
Why did Logan walk back along the trail barefoot? Our theories about why sneezing can be dangerous and what cleans lenses better than a lens cloth? This is the first good fall of rain in Sydney for months and we went in search of fast flowing waterfalls.

11 Whale Beach Smoke Haze ֎ Image below
The morning was smokey from the bush fires near Sydney, creating unusual sunrise conditions. In this episode the camera gear was put in peril and Logan destroys his microphone

10 Turimetta Abstract ֎ Instagram
A minimalism and abstract photoshoot during a muggy sunrise at North Turimetta Beach, Sydney. Logan found some new abstract compositions and Stuart fell into a rock pool

09 Whale Beach Sunrise Session ֎ Instagram
This sunrise shoot was recorded at Whale Beach in Sydney with fast changing conditions on a popular morning. Find out what Logan thinks of his new camera

08 ► Kirribilli Sunset with the Dee Why Camera Club ֎ Instagram
This was recorded at Kirribilli on Sydney harbour with the Dee Why RSL Camera Club. Hear a bizarre weather assessment, a chemistry lesson. How to take long exposure shots without filters and other tips. Logan drops his phone and I lose my camera memory card

07 ► Turimetta Terror ֎ Instagram
This is one of the most risky photo shoots we have done for a while. Strong wind, waves and sand caused trouble for Logan and Stuart at Turimetta Beach

06 ► Narrabeen There Twice Today ֎ Instagram
A lucky change of mind brought us back to the Narrabeen channel and a perfectly aligned sun for the best seascape shoot we have had for a while. We start in the Narrabeen car park on Sydney’s Northern beaches looking at bleak morning darkness

05 ► Sailors Bay Track Waterfall ֎ Instagram
The waterways have come to life again and we visited Sailors Bay track, which follows a creek leading to Sydney Harbour. There is a waterfall a few hundred meters from the harbour and in this episode, find out what happened when my camera bag dropped into the water

04 ► Cockatoo Island of Seagulls ֎ Instagram
Cockatoo Island, located in the middle of the Sydney Harbour with lots of convict history and a boatyard. In the evening we went to the top of the island with views of the harbour bridge to capture the reverse sunset. After a night camping on the island we shot the sunrise and historic machinery

03 ► Dolphins, just there! ֎ Instagram
We encounter a large pod of Dolphins playing off Turimetta beach during a sunrise shoot recorded on 4th August 2019

02 ► Devil's Cauldron at Sunrise Photo Shoot ֎ Instagram
Recorded while shooting the sunrise and swell at the Devil's Cauldron on Sydney's Northern Beaches, 28 July 2019

01 ► Vivid Sydney Photo Shoot ֎ Instagram
 Trip to Vivid Sydney to shoot the spectacular lights around the city. This episode has some suggestions to avoid the crowds and get some more unusual images

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About the Lost Photographers

Australian photo shoot adventures as they happen! 

We are Logan and Stuart, an enthusiastic father and son photography team living in Sydney's northern beaches. We love taking images of seascapes landscapes, waterfalls, events and the magnificent Australian environment surrounding us.  

Listen to our adventures recorded as they happen and see the images on Instagram.  All our podcasts are available on your favorite podcast app and if you wonder why we are Lost? Search in the first two letters of our names.

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